Fat people are harder to kidnap

Fat people are harder to kidnap. Welfome to fat United Kingdom.


McDonald’s makes this?

obese person sits on a chair at an airport

fat man or women?

fat people are harder to kidnap

fat people are harder to kidnap

Funny Fat People

fat men on motor bike

fat dog

Fat dog

fat cat

Fat cat

cat and fat

let me eat you

World's fattest cat

World s fattest cat

fat dog lovin it

fat dog lovin it



funny dog

funny dog

fat dog and flower

fat dog and flower

Pakistani women without burka

Pakistani women without burqa


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The Holocaust in Poland Wikipedia

So many Holocaust movies are just lies. Oliver Stone Defends Hitler; Blames Jews for Nazi Fuhrer’s Bad Reputation.
Controversial movie director Oliver Stone topped himself on Sunday, July 25th, when the Academy Award-winning filmmaker defended Adolf Hitler in an interview with The Times of London.

jewish dominated media

The half-Jewish filmmaker blamed Jewish control of the American media for the Nazi Führer’s bad image.

Stone also lambasted the “Jewish-dominated” mass media for the United States policy towards Israel.

war is not the answer

War is not the answer
USA wars

USA wars



Jewish business


Holocaust never happened

USA Hitler

United States killed more people than Hitler

blood money

blood money USA

Polish Holocaust

Polish “holocaust” – Shoah Holocaust is business

holocaust in Poland and Europe

holocaust in Poland


Shoah Holocaust is business Hate

shoah business

Shoah business

gaza war

Gaza pictures

holocaust facebook

What is Shoah Holocaust?

the jews

What is the difference between shoah and holocaust? Nothing! This is business!


Holocaust is lie

shoah business images

Shoah Holocaust is business

holocaust money

holocaust money

israel about Holocaust

Israel, USA and Poland

holocaust in poland

holocaust in Poland

Holocaust in Poland Show

Holocaust in Poland Show

holocaust is lie

holocaust is lie


Evil come from Israel and United States

USA heroes

United States heroes


 The Holocaust in Poland Wikipedia




Hello England

Hello England hello UK. Many english have said they do not want to live among Pakistanis. Why?
english girls 2013
English girls
english school
English school

english men 2013

English men

freedom in islam

England freedom
english community

English community
england new generation
England new generation
Which areas in london are highly populated with pakistani's
Which areas in london are highly populated with pakistani’s?
england is changed
England is changed

immigration UK
England streets
England streets

uk today corruptions increased

Corruption in the UK

muslim in germany

Muslim in Germany

islam is freedom

 Islam is freedom

Welcome to turbo reconditioning UK


Allah love everyone, why you hate ?

death cult

Islam religion?


keep Europe pagan